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My Story

Hi, I’m Nadine 🦋

Founder/Creator of The Sober Butterfly

It’s January 2021 and I’m finally in therapy.

On the surface, life looks pretty: I’m a young single woman with disposable income living abroad. I travel often, know the ‘right’ people, date freely, laugh daily, and pretty much do whatever I want, whenever I want. I share all this with my therapist:

So, why are you here? “ she asks.

I search for answers: I drink daily, smoke too much, pine over exes, over-exercise, restrict food, overthink. I’m anxious, depressed, and drink wine to numb the pain, boredom, loneliness.

But I don’t share any of these truths. After six months of failed attempts to control my drinking, I finally surrendered.

I deserve better and found better in my sobriety.

Getting sober finally gave me the courage to heal, grow, experience uncomfortable emotions, make real connections, truly laugh, be more present, be of service, create, cry, forgive, and dream.

I thank God everyday for my sobriety. And I thank myself everyday for doing this work.