8 Best Podcasts for Sobriety and Addiction Recovery in 2024

By Nadine Mulvina, The Sober Butterfly

Sober podcasts can help give you a sense of belonging and community, especially if you don’t feel connected to sober people irl. Thankfully there are so many sober podcasts on the market in 2024, which is great for options, but can often lead to feeling overwhelmed when trying to find voices you feel connected to. Allow this guide to help you find the best podcasts to add to the queue.

In alphabetical order, the best sober podcasts:

1. Bottomless to Sober by Jessica Dueñas

Bottomless to Sober may be the newbie on the block, but host Jessica Dueñas is no newcomer to sobriety. Jessica gained notoriety as the 2019 Kentucky State Teacher of the Year while battling alcohol-use disorder. Jessica also lost her boyfriend in 2020 to addiction.

Today, Jessica is an educator by day and a sober coach by night. She also runs a writing workshop and hosts online meetings. Jessica has been a guest of my show, The Sober Butterfly Podcast, as well. Check out Bottomless to Sober for more inspiration and courage. Listen to the following episodes:

My rehab story

Dating In Recovery

It’s been a hard day, and I will not drink with you 

2. Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO sounds like a show made for corporate America miscreants. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth: firstly, Steven, the host of DOAC, is very British; secondly he interviews some of the most influential people in the world, not just dull CEOs; lastly, he uncovers lessons for success and the journey to a more fulfilling life.

While not technically a sobriety podcast, Steven has a close connection to addiction, as his business partner and best friend struggled with alcoholism. There are many powerful episodes around overcoming addiction and the path to recovery. Some of my favorite episodes are:

Russell Brand FINALLY Opens Up: Escaping A Lifetime Of Anxiety, Addiction & Finding Love!

Lucy Hale Opens Up For The First Time About Eating Disorders, Relationships & Addiction

JACKASS Star Steve-O: A SHOCKING Story Of Unaddressed Childhood Trauma, 3-Day Drug Binges, Mocking Death & Craving Attention! (HOW TO TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND)

3. Done With Debauchery by Keisha Scott

Keisha Scott’s Done With Debauchery feels like catching up with your best girlfriends over mocktails, swapping stories, sharing the latest and greatest wellness tips. I’m honored to have Keisha as a sober friend IRL. We have also collab’d on our podcasts. Keisha is based in Toronto, Canada and throws the best sober events. She also has an adorable rescue called Peach. Be sure to subscribe to Done With Debauchery for a good time! I recommend listening to these episodes:

Sober Celebrities

Taboo Topics in Sobriety

Let’s Talk About S*x with Tawny Lara, The Sober S*xpert 

4. generation sos: ON RECORD

Generation SOS is a platform devoted to elevating the voices of young people that have overcome addiction, substance use, and mental health. Each episode features an uninterrupted sober story. Yours truly even makes a guest appearance. Listen to these episodes:

“the sober butterfly”

“following your clues”

“life or death”

5. Happiest Sober Podcast by Madeline Forrest

Happiest Sober dives into all parts of sobriety: the good, the bad, the ugly. Maddie is genuinely a happy person and you can hear how transformative sobriety can be when you live your truth out loud. Listen to Happiest Sober to hear her amazing lineup of guests share their journey to sobriety and how to prioritize self-care, boundaries, and mental health. Maddie also gets into some great convos with her mama. Some episodes to check out:

Getting Through Sober Breakups

Creative Sobriety: A Coffee with Kristen Bear

Letting Go of Shame in Sobriety

6. Huberman Lab

Not quite a sobriety podcast, Huberman Lab examines neuroscience and our brain’s connection to all vital organs in the body. If you want to understand more about what drives your impulses, desires, and behaviors, this is a great podcast to listen to. Dr. Andrew Huberman does an excellent job of breaking down the science in a digestible way that doesn’t trigger my ADHD. I have learned so much about the overall impact alcohol has on our minds, body, and health. Thanks, doc! Listen to these episodes to understand more about addiction:

What Alcohol Does to Your Body, Brain & Health

Nicotine’s Effects on the Brain & Body & How to Quit Smoking or Vaping

The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body

7. Sober Black Girls Club

Sober Black Girls Club was one of the first accounts I followed when I became sober-curious. So I was thrilled when founder and host Khadi A. Oluwatoyin and J. Nicole started this critical conversation. I appreciate their unapologetic commentary on issues connected to recovery and race. Some episodes that resonated with me include the following:

Making Amends to Self 

The Help You Give

Enjoying Summertime Without A Drink 

8. The Sober Butterfly Podcast by Nadine Mulvina

You didn’t think I would close out this list without so much as a mention for my podcast, The Sober Butterfly—unfiltered shares about sobriety, recovery, and purpose-driven life. I also get into my favorite pastime – travel and offer tips to guide your next sober adventure. I’m biased, but some of my favorite episodes are:

Faithful Narratives: A Sober Author’s Perspective on Honesty and Recovery with Angelica Roberts

Sobriety, Celibacy, and Staying Single

Embracing All Parts of You ft. Kezia from The Sober Elephant Chronicles

Representation in Sobriety: Labeling, Boundaries and the Power of Therapy with Yasmin Sparks

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