Welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast where we explore the crucial topic of representation in sobriety, labeling, and boundaries. In today’s world, it’s important to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives, and sobriety is no exception.

London sober babe and business owner Yasmin Spark and I discuss  the nuances of representation in sobriety, discussing the impact of seeing people from diverse backgrounds in recovery spaces, and the role that labeling and boundaries play in this process. We’ll explore how the labels we use to identify ourselves can both empower and limit us, and how setting boundaries can be a powerful tool for maintaining sobriety while also respecting our own needs and limitations.

So, whether you’re in recovery yourself, or simply interested in learning more about the importance of representation, labeling, and boundaries in sobriety, this episode is for you. Join us as we explore this vital topic and discover how we can all work towards creating more inclusive, supportive, and empowering recovery spaces.

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Nadine’s Instagram: @the.soberbutterfly

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Thanks for listening 🙂

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