How to Navigate Self-Care Spending in Sobriety

Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Sober Butterfly Podcast. In today’s discussion, we delve into a topic that many find themselves mulling over – the balance between self-care spending and financial wellness in sobriety. With the guidance of financial coach Rachel Talks Money, we explore how to navigate this delicate area without compromising our financial health.

Embracing Mindful Self-Care

Our host, Nadine Mulvina, opens the conversation by shedding light on a common predicament faced by many in their sobriety journey – overspending on self-care. While nurturing ourselves is undeniably important, there’s a thin line between investing in well-being and indulging in unnecessary expenses. Rachel Talks Money, with her vast experience in personal finance, joins us to offer practical strategies for mindful self-care.

Investing in Wellbeing: More Than Just Consumerism

The dialogue underscores the distinction between finding fulfillment in presence and connection versus the fleeting pleasure of consumer goods. Rachel, whose financial wisdom has enabled her to save significantly and lead a life aligned with her values, shares key insights into achieving financial wellness. She emphasizes the importance of intention in our spending habits, particularly in the realm of self-care.

The Skincare Graveyard: A Cautionary Tale

One of the most relatable points discussed is what Rachel refers to as the “skincare graveyard” – the accumulation of barely used products purchased in the name of self-care. This metaphor serves as a powerful reminder to be more discerning and intentional about our purchases, questioning whether they offer long-term joy or are just momentarily satisfying.

Redefining Self-Care in Sobriety

A significant portion of the episode is devoted to redefining self-care within the context of sobriety. Rachel stresses the importance of considering how we can invest in ourselves in ways that yield lasting benefits, rather than temporary fixes. This includes focusing on health, such as nutrition and exercise, and more tangible aspects like financial literacy and saving.

Balancing Financial Goals and Self-Care

Both Nadine and Rachel discuss the importance of balancing our financial goals with our self-care needs. They explore how setting aside funds for experiences and investments that genuinely bring joy can be a form of self-care that contributes to our overall well-being and satisfaction in life.

Rachel values travel and location freedom. She currently lives in Portugal with her partner.


Closing the episode, Rachel offers practical advice for anyone looking to navigate self-care spending in sobriety. She advocates for a mindful approach to finances, encouraging listeners to prioritize savings and invest in experiences and self-improvements that align with their long-term goals and values. The conversation between Nadine and Rachel on the Sober Butterfly Podcast provides invaluable insights into managing self-care spending in sobriety. By adopting a more intentional and financially savvy approach to self-care, we can invest in our well-being without compromising our financial health.

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